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A major French online service for ordering publication of necrologies, condolences and legal death notices in newspapers all over the country.

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A client wanted his application to calculate publication price as precise as newspaper`s calculation. That was an essential thing in his business project. Without this condition reached he would have got less financial margin. An additional difficulty was the fact that dozens of newspapers exist. Each newspaper had slightly different price calculation conditions.

Our solution

Our solution was in the implementation of an easy to use and scalable set of settings which were used as a grounds for a formula which is complicated and accurate at the same time. In addition, we had to create a user friendly UI for the app admins for easy settings management. That was a tough process with a lot of attempts & failures. We succeeded in the end, as did our client. More than 2 years have passed since that time. We`re still using that formula, making some enhancements from time to time.


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