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Home Junction (now part of ATTOM Data Solutions) is a leading geospatial data provider for the real estate industry.

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Home Junction collects data from more than 200 markets in 46 states to build custom applications for real estate agents and brokers.

The company provides IDX solutions that combine MLS data with Home Junction data layers. Besides standard real estate feeds, Home Junction offers unique data that enhances the buying experience.

The IDX tool includes data of historical sales, the standard of living, average income, and dozens of others. Agents use this data to help buyers make accurate purchasing decisions.


People Team: 7 people
Duration Duration: 2016 - ongoing
Country Country: USA




Home Junction offers a complex ecosystem with many plugins, themes, widgets, and tools. The main IDX solution was no longer usable due to outdated technology. Lack of support on mobile devices created user inconveniences and potential losses in the customer base. Our main challenge was to come up with a solution that would solve these problems and incorporate best industry practices, creating a tool that could be used as part of the ecosystem and independently.

  1. Lack of data to make a decision

    Before buying a house, customers not only research information about the property but also about the neighborhood, schools, demographics, and much more. Most small IDX providers offer limited data beyond the MLS feeds because of the high cost.

  2. Provide user-friendly interface

    With the previous solution, the users had to install browser plugins to make the IDX work due to a lack of native support. Extra actions complicate the use of the platform and make barriers for seamless application use. The challenge was to develop an application that is easy to use, with a simple interface and implementation of all the best industry practices.

  3. Accessibility on mobile devices

    The previous version of the platform was not optimized for mobile devices. The accessibility on any device would allow meeting users' needs at any time and on any device. The goal was to provide a mobile version while providing the best experience on such devices.

  4. Integration with other systems

    Home Junction provides a WordPress ecosystem with many plugins, widgets, and tools. The team had to develop a solution with flexible integration capabilities. The application should work independently, but also integrate seamlessly with other systems. The client will be able to integrate the IDX solution into any page of the site or provide it to other clients.

Our solution

We analyzed the business goals and conducted extra research to take over the entire development of the project. It was important for the client to delegate the team management and development processes.

  1. Home Junction

    Excellent IDX tool

    Besides the property details, the app provides spatial data and boundaries information, schools districts and ratings, POIs, demographics, climate, economic data, public record data, mortgage data, recent sales, and market trends.

  2. Home Junction

    Behavioral factors increased

    Updated UX ensured the users spent an average of 14 minutes in the Map Search IDX compared to 1 to 3 minutes on the typical real estate website.

  3. Home Junction

    Responsive design and mobile devices support

    We used a responsive approach to design the IDX tool to make sure it is easy to use on any device. The new version is available on the phone and tablet and follows best practices for user experience on mobile devices.

  4. Home Junction

    Easy to integrate

    The application was designed in a way that was easy to integrate with the existing client WordPress ecosystem or to be used as a stand-alone tool that can be integrated into any existing or new client website or platform.


Visual Craft team redesigned the legacy application which was no longer easy to use, bringing it back to life and meeting the client's requirements.

We chose an easy-to-maintain technology with long-term and low-cost support.

The enhanced IDX solution provides a broad range of data for property searches, adding more value to brokers, agents, and especially end-users.

The app integrates seamlessly with other sites and third-party products. Our team developed a flexible solution that allows our client to generate more business and grow its ecosystem of products.

We worked closely with the Home Junction team to create a project that would follow client requirements, industry best practices, and become a great tool for users in finding their dream home.

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