Euroko is a Magento based online multi-store. Essential to this, is that all stores, which are country specific, are managed via single Magento admin area. More than ten extensions work towards a single goal - to provide best customer experience while shopping online.


Shopcinity lets you capture items you like through an image, in order to discover other visually similar items that you can buy or save it to your watch list. For saved items, you’ll receive notifications when they change in price, stock or when there are similar products or personalised offers you will not want to miss.


A Real Estate Social Media platform, which gives users the possibility to find roommates or rent a room or an apartment. Wonego is smart enough to give users suggestions which are based on several key strands personality, living and personal preferences.

Hope Now USA

A charity web site of the Hope Now Ministries, USA – a nonprofit organization that began ministry work in 1992 to serve the least, the lost and the last in Ukraine. Key part of the website is a donation page, where a web site visitor has the ability to make donations with different options: one-time or recurring; single or a set of donations.

It is a news site publishing articles which tell stories and the experiments of individuals, groups or political actions in the fields of: agriculture and organic food, shared economies and citizen communities, renewable energy and sustainable development, trading, sharing, alternative solutions, recycling, reusing, reducing, repairing, innovating

Videojet Software Portal

The Videojet Software Portal has been developed for the Videojet company as a multifunctional platform for efficient customer database management as well as for performing a wide range of operations with the software modules built for industrial printers.

A major French online service for ordering publication of necrologies, condolences and legal death notices in newspapers all over the country.


Buzzigo is an online social media marketing platform which helps to automate local social media marketing for brands and franchises. It allows one to create and post relevant local content on behalf of a brand or franchise and track which buzzes are the most popular and effective.


Thryver combines new psychometric tests and experiences to help you understand your strengths, preferences and challenges.


Viosk is a video storytelling platform that makes marketing your business in the digital world simple. Creating video content with Viosk’s animated slideshow maker is easy: just select a template, edit your content, and render your high-quality video in a matter of minutes.


Most of the custom themes and extensions for Magento are well suited for Multi-site realization but have restricted functionality when used for the Multi-store version. Hence, the core challenge was to achieve full functionality of Magento multi-store approach and bring about compatibility between Magento core, custom theme template, and numerous extensions.

All-EU Localization Homepage

An English version of site.

French localization homepage

For French-speaking customers from Europe. Localization version is determined by IP-address.

Admin Panel

Multistore integrated dashboard.

Highly Customizable Product

You can provide products with advanced configuration capabilities. Here is shown a product with 504 сonfigurations.

Footer Section

An example view of the common store information section in Spanish localization.

Store Management

A single place to manage all your stores.


In achieving this we implemented improved custom themes that support multi-store functionality, one admin panel for all versions of the site, highly-customizable products with advanced price calculation for different options, English, French, Spanish, German, Czech, Slovak and Hungarian localizations of store, cross EU VAT validation and UPS and DHL Shipping integration.