Viosk is a video storytelling platform that makes marketing your business in the digital world simple. Creating video content with Viosk’s animated slideshow maker is easy: just select a template, edit your content, and render your high-quality video in a matter of minutes.



  • A top of the line project editor with live updates

  • Provides a user media library

  • A real-time notification system

  • Render time prediction

  • Reliable communication between Front-end/back-end due to implementation of communication queue


  • Job queue, the ability to run parallel tasks using multiple workers

  • Job data as well as rendered videos storage

  • A dedicated template manager for easy template installation, validation and updating

  • Video sharing for popular video and social platforms

  • Ready to use multiple render servers for scalability and to speedup video delivery

  • Outstanding ability to programmatically create projects and submit it for rendering