local SEO

Local SEO for your website helps your customers find you locally. You are always first to mind when customers visit your neighborhood. Without applying local SEO efforts, your business loses a good deal of qualified traffic. As a result your sales miss out on a number of hot leads. We can help you improve your local visibility. Request your free consultation call now!

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analytics, consulting, outsourcing

Visual Craft offers SEO consulting services as a way to help companies determine whether and how they need to run their SEO campaigns. We can help your website recover from Google penalty, assist with specific one-time SEO requests or validate the effectiveness of your existing promotional campaigns. Request your free consultation call now!

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deep SEO audit

Deep SEO audit from Visual Craft includes the domain overview, checking the technical state of your website, its content and user experience. Afterwards, action points are prioritized and can be forwarded for further processing. Get a comprehensive analysis of your website. Request your free website overview call now!

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ongoing SEO project

Visual Craft has years of experience driving impressive results for clients in a number of industries using search engine optimization. Our SEO consulting is performed by a team of highly experienced professionals. We specialize in handling onpage SEO, recommending content marketing strategies, building backlink profiles and tracking the results. Regular and consistent SEO effort will positively affect your website performance. Request your free consultation call now!

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ongoing PPC project

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) promotion is the most transparent and accountable form of promotion. You can allocate the exact budget amount and only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad. Paid promotion can also include remarketing options to work with the website audience more effectively. Visual Craft offers the way to maximize your PPC search presence with pricing that fits your budget. Request your free consultation call now!

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ecommerce SEO

SEO for the e-commerce website is one of the most effective and affordable ways to grow your ecommerce store and increase your revenue. The better search engines rank your website, the more potential customers visit your online store directly to buy your products or services. Visual Craft can help your selling business sell even more. Request your free consultation call now!

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local SEO project aspects

01 tracking infrastructure
Tracking the results and calculating ROI is an integral part of any website promotion. Together with you we define specific project goals, establish the baseline and configure industry recognized tracking tools for regular reporting. Project KPIs are available anytime.
02 detailed audit
A detailed technical audit is necessary to define a starting point for further promotion. It includes the domain overview, checking the technical state of the website, its content and user experience. Specific attention is paid to the local search factors, especially Google Business account. It is very important to discover and fix any weak points the website may have before the actual promotion starts.
03 on-page optimization
The process of onpage optimization presupposes fixing any issues discovered during detailed audit. Our SEO experts check the website according to our specific checklist to make sure your website is completely ready for external optimization on a regular basis.
04 content audit
Existing content and tags on your website are checked for presence, duplication, size and distribution throughout your website. We create detailed technical assignments for the copywriter to optimize the landing pages approved by the client. For that purpose we also develop the semantic core of the website - a list of relevant key phrases that can potentially lead to your website in organic search.
05 indexation and accessibility
After the website is checked and optimized we make sure that it is visible to the search engines and is acknowledged by them. We control that process by "letting search engines know" which pages can be included into the search results and which pages cannot.
06 site architecture and linking
SEO experts check if the website structure is understandable for the user and search engines. We form suggestions for you on how to organize the content better, make it easier to navigate and access, to improve the user experience and path towards conversion.
07 site loading speed
Loading is one of the most important ranking factors nowadays. We monitor it on a regular basis and provide detailed recommendations for the developer as to how to improve this indicator. To be competitive the website should load in less than 3 seconds to make sure your visitors don't abandon it, especially on mobile devices.
08 mobile readiness
The majority of Internet traffic belongs to mobile devices, this is why it is so important to have a mobile friendly website. Responsive websites ensure the possibility of convenient user experience on any device. We follow this rule and check every website we promote for mobile readiness. In the case of local search, it is especially critical to be mobile friendly when potential customers search your local business representation.
09 external optimization
After the website is optimized from the technical and content standpoint, our experts continue with link building. This type of promotion is called “external optimization” and is aimed at raising the website authority. We ensure that the backlink profile of the website reflects the high level of trust from both users and search engines.

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