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We create unique software solutions for client ideas since 2006. We provide expertise on every step of the product lifecycle, from discovery and product design to software development and support.

More than development

Our team makes it a priority to understand our clients’ business and to provide a perfect solution to meet their purpose in terms of design, performance, flexibility, cost, quality standards, and ongoing support. It is a dedicated experienced team that believes a lot in its craft, has mastered it, and solves the most difficult technology challenges.


18 years of software experience

We know how to maximize business value and ensure sustainability with custom technical solutions.


Ongoing relationship

We do not leave you when the product is developed but provide ongoing support to analyze and make adjustments as necessary.


Extra mile is in our DNA

We immerse ourselves in the project, making every effort to transform the client's problems into solutions and to help the company grow.


40% senior developers

We go through regular training and engage developers with years of experience to create customized and high-tech solutions for our projects.

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  1. Our company is a USA corporation, however, we have a distributed team located in central Europe, Georgia and USA.
  2. Yes, 75% of our clients are from the USA, about 20% are from Europe. The rest are from other parts of the world. We can work with any client as long as we can work in English.
  3. By trusting your project to us, you get a reliable and experienced partner, bringing you a wealth of expertise not only in a wide array of technical matters but also in product design. You get a well-organized team who has been working with great efficiency over the last 18 years and covers a wide area of subjects.
  4. The best way is to contact us with the details of your project so we can assess the project requirements, tech stack, resources, timeframe, and format of cooperation. We would be more than happy to provide our client references on projects similar to yours.
  5. We offer great value for the service and expertise we provide. We use two models: fixed-price or a dedicated team. The fixed price model requires fairly detailed project specifications, but you get an accurate estimate of cost and time. With a dedicated team model, you will know your monthly cost of the team and it’s up to you for how long you need the team. The team size and composition can be adjusted based on your current goals.
  6. We will always strive to provide you with at least a high-level estimate even with little information. However, our team has extensive experience in taking our clients through a project discovery phase. As a result of this phase, we provide project specifications and an accurate estimate, feature by feature.
  7. During the discovery phase we run a series of interviews with you to learn about your project, we determine the ultimate goal of the project, all user roles, all user actions, we create flowcharts, user stories, wireframes for all key pages, architecture diagrams and even a clickable prototype. Most importantly, we help you validate your idea and come up with the best technology and the most cost-efficient way to implement your idea.
  8. Discovery phase length and cost depend on the size of the project, for smaller projects and MVPs it takes 2-3 weeks and it costs a fraction of the expense of fixing a project that wasn’t planned well.
  9. We offer all services required to turn a great idea into a product that your clients will love. From ideation, discovery, and prototype phase, to app design, development, launch, support, and marketing consultation. This is achieved through the work of experienced BAs, PMs, developers, designers, QAs, and online marketing professionals in our team.
  10. We offer maintenance and support contracts in the volume required for the project, so we are there to help you grow your project, keep it secure, stable, and bug-free.
  11. Good communication is a must-have attribute of any successful project. Every project has a dedicated project manager who will become your main point of contact and organizes the team around him/her. We strive to establish regular weekly calls with the stakeholders, we hold daily internal meetings with the development team and we do a demo and progress review every 2 weeks on most projects so you always know how your project is progressing.
  12. We have a high retention rate of our staff with a high seniority level. Additionally, we use a dedicated QA team that creates and executes test cases covering all of the functionality of the project. We also offer a wide variety of automated tests to make sure your project is stable on various phases of development and deployment.
  13. We support all commonly used forms of payment - wire transfers, ACH, credit\debit card payments.
  14. Use any of the contact forms on the website to get in touch with us and we will find the best way to move forward and review your project.

Our Approach

  1. Initiation

    This is a first step where we learn about your project, define the ultimate goal, and come up with ways to achieve it. During this phase, we can provide you with ideas on technology, preliminary estimates, and timelines.

  2. Discovery and Project

    Our top priority is the client’s success, if our clients win, we win. We create a comprehensive, attainable strategy to facilitate the software engineering team in completing the client’s vision in a timely manner.

  3. Software

    To create scalable, secure, and reliable software we employ a diverse set of popular backend and frontend technologies, frameworks, and opensource products.

  4. Ongoing

    We care about the challenges our clients face, and we want our solutions to bring success. That’s why we provide ongoing support after product delivery to make sure your project never stops evolving.


Fred Sabernick
Fred Sabernick
Videojet Technologies
My name is Fred Sabernick, Engineering Manager at Videojet Technologies. My Visual Craft team has developed a cloud-based software management and delivery system website for our latest industrial printer products. The site experience is customized based on the type of user including customers, distributors, and internal company personnel.
Jay Bojan
Jay Bojan
Buzzigo Social, CenterStaging
The staff at Visual Craft is versatile, nimble, creative, smart and forward thinking, which is everything we needed to develop a unique social platform and websites such as Buzzigo Social and CenterStaging. We strongly recommend them and know that you will be satisfied with their work and how easy they are to work with.
Greg Lee
Greg Lee
Algar Ferrari, Ferrari Bentley Lotus of Denver
Andrey and the entire Visual Craft team are fantastic to work with. We've worked with them on numerous and sometimes complex projects over the years, and have always been very happy with the results. Excellent communication and attention to detail.
Agile Conseil & Services
I entrusted the team with the construction of a complex eCommerce site as part of an 18-month project for Les Échos group. The team has invested heavily in understanding customer issues and took care to offer technical solutions to complex subjects. Their availability, attentiveness, and above all the reactivity made them an effective partner in the success of the project.
Sophie Picard
Sophie Picard
I have worked with the team for several years at Les Echos (French newspaper, owned by LVMH group), and it was a great experience. Our cooperation through the years has evolved in a great way, leading us to build altogether significant projects. I strongly recommend Visual Craft as a web development team. It's a reliable company with which I would readily work again.
Max Chirkov
Max Chirkov
ATTOM Data Solutions
As a software engineer myself and later transitioning into a senior product manager role, I had the privilege of closely working with Ihor daily across all phases of software development. His contributions as a full-stack senior developer and subsequently lead developer were invaluable. Ihor consistently demonstrated a commitment not only to completing tasks but also to identifying optimal solutions that added tangible value for our customers.
Melanie Masi
Melanie Masi
Thanks to Visual Craft's efforts, they've successfully delivered a functional map that has performed well in browsers and devices. The team has communicated well through email and Slack. They've been clever, talented, and organized throughout the workflow.
Richard Arias
Richard Arias
Visual Craft has been a skilled and meticulous partner. Their excellent performance and engaging approach have showcased their communication, problem-solving skills, and creativity to exceed the needs and requirements of the internal team.
Gabriel Stefanescu
Gabriel Stefanescu
Visual Craft are a bunch of smart, dedicated people that do everything to make sure you are happy with their work. They have good programmers for both front end and back end and are very knowledgeable with the new technologies. Their project managers can come up with very good suggestions and solutions to any problem you may have. Everyone in their team is reliable and very hard working with excellent work ethics and great to deal with.
Rob Weaver
Rob Weaver
Videojet Technologies
We contracted Visual Craft to build a software management portal for our new flagship printer. Not only have they done a very workmanlike job in building this complex application, but almost more importantly, they critically evaluated some of our design decisions and offered counterproposals and feedback that resulted in a better product for both us to build on and our customers to use.
Rick Kresinske
Rick Kresinske
Visual Craft’s efforts resulted in the delivery of a usable platform built from scratch, much to the client's delight. The team was highly accommodating, and internal stakeholders praised the service provider's quality and accuracy.
Dennis Doyle
Dennis Doyle
Through a well-oiled pre-release or pre-implementation testing process, Visual Craft has consistently delivered high-quality work on time and with minimal on-field errors. The team captures requirements and details well, proactively seeking information and clarification to avoid unnecessary rework.
Philippe Granger
Philippe Granger
Data & AI - LVMH
Visual Craft's work has raised the company's turnover rate by 60%. With their support, the client has also decided to raise their SEO budget by 84%. On top of that, the team has made it possible to unify the customer database of the client's B2C and B2B platforms, leading to an ongoing engagement.
Will Kerlick
Will Kerlick
Visual Craft delivered a stunning and user-friendly website, which helped generate online orders and revenue. The SEO activities helped the company improve the results even more. Furthermore, they were prompt and professional developers who created brilliant designs and met the client's needs.

Leadership team

Andrew Osipov


My top goal is to build a company that would be most effective in helping our clients reach their objectives.

Visual Craft team

Vitalina Yesyk

Human Resources Director

My high-priority direction is attracting top talents and unleashing their potentials to create solutions that move clients' business

Visual Craft team

Anton Bakai

Chief Technical Officer

My aim is striving for technical excellence in every product.

Visual Craft team

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