We create technological solutions for startups and SMEs. We manage the entire development cycle and provide ongoing support.
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Who is this model for?

For SMEs

Reliable business partner
You know what your business does best and where it can improve. We use all our technical and product experience to digitally transform your company, help you create innovative products or become more competitive. We create the technical foundation for your idea and help turn it into reality.

For startups

From idea to product
We help to assess the project`s goals, come up with the optimal technological solutions, and deliver great results. Deep expertise in product design for startups, full control over the development cycle and fast interaction between team members help us to produce extraordinary results in limited timeframes and budgets.

Benefits of full-cycle
team model


Bring missing expertise

You may not have a senior technical resource, a product designer, or an experienced project manager to implement your idea. We deliver your vision and launch your digital product.


Deep product expertise

After 18 years of work and over 300 projects, we’ve accumulated significant experience in building products fit for the market, easy to use, scalable and reliable.


Responsibility for the final product

It is our responsibility to go through all phases of product creation and delivery. Our team sets all processes, tools, and quality standards to ensure that the product meets all the goals.


Time to market

Combining all the expertise required to implement your project in one team, having launched hundreds of projects and with all of the processes geared towards effective project execution, we waste no time and deliver the results fast. You will quickly get an MVP and be able to test the product in the real market.

Visual Craft team
Visual Craft team

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Technology consulting

Use our years of experience and extensive technical expertise to achieve your business goals.

Dedicated team

Get a development team with years of experience to deliver a technical solution for your business.

Product engineering approach

1-3 days

Project evaluation

2-4 weeks

MVP prototype

3-6 months

MVP development,
on average


Project evaluation

Project evaluation is the process of determining whether we can execute your idea and whether we are the right team for you.

4 steps for project evaluation:

  • define goals - What should be the ultimate outcome of the project?
  • evaluate technology - Is it possible to achieve the goal through technological solutions we can offer?
  • evaluate timeline - How fast does it need to be delivered to the market?
  • budget - High level estimate of the budget required to deliver the project.

DURATION: 1-3 days

Project specifications

For successful project management, the technical team goes through discovery phase and works to create project details and specifications.

This document lists the needs, goals, constraints, expected characteristics, timelines, and budget.

The elements that might be in this document are:

  • Architecture, component and entities diagrams.
  • Key short-term and long-term goals.
  • User flow charts.
  • User roles and their areas of responsibility.
  • User stories.
  • Technology stack: backend and front technology, DB, hosted/cloud, libraries and frameworks.

DURATION: 10-30 days

Prototype creation

Prototyping involves creating the structure that will demonstrate the key ideas, interfaces and functionality of the project.

This is the stage where our product team comes up with a clickable visual represantation of the product. We use for prototyping: Figma, Miro, Adobe XD.

DURATION: 5-10 days

Design and UX

UX design is a process that aims to create a user-friendly interface and helps meet the needs of users. We help you visualize your product and brand, taking into account the best user experience and high-quality design that fits your audience.

User experience design is an approach that will offer a remarkable experience for your users when interacting with the product. UX design includes user interface design, usability, accessibility, information architecture, and human-computer interaction.

DURATION: 15-20 days

TOOLS: Figma, Adobe XD

Software Development

We follow Agile methodologies including Kanban and Scrum. We stick to 1-3 week sprints.

Each project has a Scrum master who oversees the development process. We perform regular stakeholder meetings, team meetings, and demos.

DURATION: depends on project size

Quality Assurance

We provide quality control during product development and compliance analysis.

The team checks that the site, application, or software is meeting all requirements. The QA Engineer keeps track of problems and bugs that may appear. QA Engineer regularly checks the product for compliance with the requirements. The application must work as required by the customer, specifications, and security standards. QA team ensures the software is accessible on all devices, platforms, and designated operating systems.

DURATION: from the start to the end of the project

Ongoing support

After the release of the product, we provide ongoing support that includes updates, bug monitoring, performance analytics, and user training. We make sure that all components receive timely updates and continue to function correctly.

DURATION: based on contract terms

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