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We provide the opportunity to build dedicated software development teams that work on your project or to expand an existing team.

A dedicated development team is one of the ways we can work together. Years of expertise have enabled us to assemble teams capable of solving the most complex challenges. Our clients range from innovative startups to corporations with tight launch deadlines. With this service, we want to help you achieve your goals more effectively.

What is a dedicated development team

A dedicated development team is made up of developers who devote all their time to a single project. The team will allocate its full resources to your project until it's completed. All members have individual responsibilities and tasks, as well as specific roles. A dedicated software development team should fit into the organizational structure of your company.

How does a dedicated team work

A dedicated team works together towards a common goal – meeting your needs and delivering high-quality software on time. It is a widely used outsourcing approach that enables companies with existing products or technical expertise to expand their development effort. Our developers can work as a stand-alone department or complement an existing team.

Dedicated development teams are comprised of individuals with unique talents who work together to form an effective unit. Each member has their own role, but they also share responsibility for each other’s success.

Dedicated teams are usually organized in one of two ways:


All of the developers work together full-time for an agreed-upon amount of time (e.g., 6 months).


There are both full-time and temporary members who are brought on only when their skills or expertise is required. And, if the project requires a quick capacity scaling (i.e., expansion) of the team, it can do so without sacrificing quality work by drawing from its bank of the available talent pool.

Client side

  • You understand product design. You can form business requirements, and know how to translate those to a technical level.
  • You have developed a product implementation and development strategy, including roadmaps and prototypes.
  • There are technical specialists on the client side, or you have the technical expertise to identify what kind of resources will be required.
  • You need to add new expertise or build an outsourced team of developers without the hassle of doing all of the hires, setup of internal processes, and management.
  • Your project is on a tight deadline, and you want a well-oiled team that can start delivering fast.

Our side

  • We are committed to assembling developers with the appropriate knowledge and experience needed to fulfill your requirements.
  • Our focus is on the coordination of the internal processes, quality, and technical goals. You can completely delegate PM work and the day-to-day project running while you focus on the product and business.
  • We have a well-developed infrastructure and extensive experience which helps us to be the most efficient on the job.
  • We are not only involved in building a team of experts, but we make sure the efficiency and expertise grow through regular training and improvement in the processes.
  • We develop technical solutions that maximize business value, help companies remain sustainable over time, and reduce the likelihood of unexpected problems.
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6 advantages of the dedicated software teams model

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    Focus on the essentials

    We will take care of assembling skilled software engineers, and this will give you more time to focus on other tasks. Your knowledge and experience will be enhanced by our resources.

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    Flexible solutions

    Project requirements may vary, so we provide the possibility of adjusting the team composition to better fit the development phase.

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    Speed to the market

    It takes time to build a great team, a lengthy hiring process, acquire expertise, and fine-tune all internal communications. It’s a good thing, we’ve already done it, and we are ready to start delivering.

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    Full coverage

    Visual Craft has a wide range of employees from full stack to business analyst to scrum master or QA. Depending on the demands of the project, we can build a team that is most efficient.

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    Reduce expenses

    We take care of the human resources, space, tax, hardware, software, and even pizza, and provide you with an all-inclusive rate which is impossible to get in U.S. and Europe, but the level of training remains at a high level.

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    Transparent process

    We strive to make a remote team not much different from an in-house team. You always have great communication, visibility, and full control over the development process and progress of an individual dedicated developer.

Dedicated software team case-studies

How to hire a dedicated development team

If your product is software based or has a software component, it is inevitable that you will need to hire dedicated development teams at some point or another. As we discussed earlier, there are many reasons why hiring a dedicated software development team can help you with the goals of your business, and here we will cover aspects you need to consider when you hire development teams.

If you're looking to hire a dedicated development team, it’s important that they meet the following criteria:

  • They have a proven track record in the
  • They have a relevant background
    working with clients like you.
  • Ensure that their experience matches your company culture,
    product stage, and project needs.
  • The best teams are those that have the right set of skills,
    processes, and tools to help them work efficiently. They are
    also proactive and self-organized.

Hiring a project development team means that your project is being looked after by capable and experienced developers, who are focused on your product. And the longer the dedicated developers work on the project, the higher is their performance due to implementing their knowledge and skills from previous experience in the industry, complemented by the insights gained on your project.

Fully outsource a development team or do a team augmentation

When it's time to hire a development team we offer two popular options, outsourcing development teams entirely or augmenting an existing team.

The fully outsourced approach presumes that you have no developers on your side. This means the client is responsible for providing business and tech requirements, has an implementation strategy, and may have a technical lead working with an external partner(s), but not the team of developers who perform day-to-day work.

The team augmentation model assumes that you already have some developers on your side, so in this case, the goal would be to augment those existing resources with additional ones you are missing. This could include determining which positions are best to outsource and setting up processes for effective collaboration among all participants.

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