Visual Craft team
Visual Craft team

Quality Assurance

We help clients to bring innovative and scalable software products, regardless of the complexity or scope of their requirements.

We provide

QA audit and consultation

Our experts thoroughly examine the current state of your product and conduct exploratory testing to identify defects.

Establishing QA process

We create a plan to eliminate defects and improve the product based on client's requirements, industry standarts and best practices. QA team continually monitors quality and prevents possible problems that might arise.

Monitoring of development

We thoroughly control the development process and make sure to deliver a product that meets all initial requirements. Involvement in the development process helps prevent errors on early stages and reduce the final cost of the product.

Ongoing support

We regularly provide improvement tips and continuous support throughout the entire development cycle.

Work Methods

Manual QA

Our manual QA team takes a look at the product from a user's perspective, analyzes whether there are any problems with the user experience, performance, functionality and if the development is done following the project requirements and specifications.

Automated QA

Automated testing allows the team to complete the testing faster, reduce the time for deployment, improve the reliability of the project since a lot of routine QA tasks can be automated and executed as often as needed. This is especially important for regression testing.

Core services

Full-Cycle QA


Requirements Testing


Black-Box Testing


Effective management


Usability Testing


API Testing

Our process

01. Collecting project details
  • Specification and requirements analysis
  • Analyzing business needs
  • Defining proper solutions
  • Scope evaluation
02. Planning
  • Code development
  • Code review
  • Code merging
  • Test products creating
03. Test Execution
  • Manual testing
  • Continuous testing
  • Product validation
  • Testing in production
  • User acceptance testing
04. Maintenance
  • Change management
  • Maintenance testing
  • Continuous integration
  • Continuous delivery

Case studies




Real Estate


Web Development



The RealEstateTours is a real estate website & a social network combined in a single application that creates a business hub for those who sell, who buy the property and those who provide all kind of house-related services.

Clients about us

Bret Steinhart
Sonant Telecommunications
Visual Craft worked with me to complete my project for Sonant Telecommunications. I am impressed with their communication, ability to understand the task and knowledge. Andrey was excellent to deal with and easy to communicate with. A++++ First Rate - I plan on using them again and again.
Fred Sabernick
Videojet Technologies
My name is Fred Sabernick, Engineering Manager at Videojet Technologies. My Visual Craft team has developed a cloud-based software management and delivery system website for our latest industrial printer products. The site experience is customized based on the type of user including customers, distributors, and internal company personnel.
French daily newspaper covering international and national news, part of LVMH group
LA’s premier backline facility, servicing Grammy and Academy Awards
World leader in marking equipment, a part of Danaher Corp, a Fortune 500 company
Connects, integrates, and automates your existing content with video
ATTOM Data Solutions is a market-leading provider of real estate and property data for over 155 million properties in the U.S.
Publish your legal notices in most newspapers in France
Home Junction provides real estate & property data for agents, brokers & enterprise
One of the leading French financial daily newspapers, part of LVMH group

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