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Buzzigo is an online social media marketing platform which helps to automate local social media marketing for brands and franchises. It allows one to create and post relevant local content on behalf of a brand or franchise and track which buzzes are the most popular and effective.


The target was to implement a web application that would be a powerful tool for effective marketing campaigns via various social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. At the same time, the application had to be easily usable by small entrepreneurs and large multi-location companies with wide internal employees' hierarchy and different access & actions authorities. Last, but not least, it had to track marketing campaigns` results.

Our solution

We`ve implemented a five-layer user entities structure and multiple locations in the middle layer. The users have the possibility to maintain different companies` structure and share multiple social accounts and pages. This can give different permissions to the app to maintain such tasks as instant or scheduled content posting, paid marketing campaigns with the possibility to determine campaign`s budget and scale and major metrics tracking.


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