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Shopcinity lets you capture items you like through an image, in order to discover other visually similar items that you can buy or save it to your watch list. For saved items, you’ll receive notifications when they change in price, stock or when there are similar products or personalised offers you will not want to miss.


The client wanted to create a service that will connect retailers with consumers and simplify the way consumers discover, save and buy fashion products. The main idea was that in order to find the product of interest, it should be enough just to have an image, photo or snapshot of this item. Having this, the system should show the list of products and stores where they can be bought. So we had to find out what image recognition technology would suit best and integrate this with custom-made e-commerce functionality.

Our solution

The process was made possible through a number of steps. Firstly, a miscellaneous capture feature which allows the target product to be identified by a simple snap or an online product web link. This is then processed through image recognition technology which finds similar items based on colour, texture and style. Favourite products from different retailers can be tracked in one place using a watch list. The customer will receive personal notifications about price changes, personal offers or availability of these items from their watch list Any individual product, or an entire watch list, can then be shared via WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook.


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