Visual Craft product


Viosk is a video storytelling platform that makes marketing your business in the digital world simple. Creating video content with Viosk’s animated slideshow maker is easy: just select a template, edit your content, and render your high-quality video in a matter of minutes.


Video content is an excellent marketing tool. Consumers and marketers are putting increasing importance on video content. YouTube is second only to Facebook with its number of monthly active users, meaning opportunities to engage consumers through captivating video content have never been this accessible. However, Video Production is time-consuming, costs too much and is very complex. Our challenge was to create a platform that would allow for automated video creation, producing videos in minutes or even seconds, to reduce the cost of a video to just a few dollars, or in fact to a few cents, and do it on a mass scale.

Our solution

A proprietary video rendering infrastructure was developed to allow Viosk to connect, integrate, and automate customer's existing content with video. From editing individual video in minutes, to mass production and sharing, Viosk makes video marketing simple. Including: a top of the line video project editor with live updates; job queue: the ability to run parallel tasks using multiple workers; integration with the most popular solutions in eCommerce, CRM, and Marketing Automation; render time prediction and real-time notification system; a dedicated template manager for easy template installation, validation, and updating; ability to programmatically create projects and submit it for rendering.


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