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Dedicated Team

We provide a possibility to build a dedicated team for your project or expand a team you already have

A dedicated team is one of the ways to work with us. Years of expertise have enabled us to assemble teams capable of solving the most complex challenges. Our clients range from innovative startups to corporations with tight project launch deadlines. We want our team to accommodate your project goals in the most efficient way.

How it works

It is a widely used outsourcing approach that enables companies, who already have some product or technical expertise to expand their teams. Our teams can work as a stand-alone department or complement an existing team.

Client side

  • You understand product design, you can form business requirements, and know how to translate those to a technical level.
  • You have developed a product implementation and development strategy, including roadmaps and prototypes.
  • A project team already includes technical specialists, or you have the technical expertise to identify what resources will be needed to complete the project.
  • You need to add new expertise to your team or to build an outsourced team without the hassle of doing all of the hires, management, and the setup of internal processes.
  • Your project is on a tight deadline and you want a well-oiled team that can start delivering fast.

Our side

  • We are responsible for assembling a qualified team with appropriate knowledge and experience to fulfill the requirements of your project.
  • Our focus is on the coordination of the team's internal processes, quality, and technical goals. You can completely delegate project management and the day-to-day team running while you focus on the product and business.
  • We have a well-developed infrastructure and extensive experience which helps us to be the most efficient on the job.
  • We are not only involved in building a team of experts, but we make sure the team efficiency and expertise grow through regular training and improvement in the processes.
  • We develop technical solutions that help maximize business value and ensure sustainability.
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Full-cycle engineering

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6 pros of the dedicated team model

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    Focus on the essentials

    We will take care of assembling a team of skilled software engineers, and this will give you more time to focus on other tasks. Your knowledge and experience will be enhanced by our team.

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    Flexible solutions

    Project requirements may vary, so we provide the possibility of adjusting the team composition to better fit the project phase.

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    Speed to market

    It takes time to build a great team, a lengthy hiring process, acquiring expertise, and finetuning all internal communications. Good thing, we’ve already done it and we are ready to start delivering.

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    Full coverage

    Visual Craft has a wide range of employees from full stack to business analyst to scrum master or QA. Depending on the demands of the project, we can build a team that is most efficient.

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    Reduce expenses

    We take care of the team, space, tax, hardware, software, and even team pizza, and provide you with an all-inclusive rate which is impossible to get in U.S. and Europe, but the level of training remains at a high level.

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    Transparent process

    We strive to make a remote team not much different from an in-house team. You always have great communication, visibility, and full control over the development process and progress of individual developers.

Get a team that understands your business needs

Dedicated team case-studies

2-6 people
2 teams


VideoJet is a world leader in marking equipment, a part of Danaher Corp, a Fortune 500 company.
In 2015, VideoJet reached out to us to engage our expertise in complex web development projects to build a software management system allowing to buy/install applications for industrial printers, upgrade printer firmware from one place for all their clients using these products around the world.
VideoJet has built a team of subject matter experts to define the business requirements for the project. From our side, we’ve assembled a team of product designers, architects, and developers to work together with VideoJet and define the technical specifications for the project and successfully completed the project.

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4-6 people
2 teams


FutureOn emerges from Xvision - a part of the EXP group with more than 15 years of being a state-of-the-art provider of visual engineering for clients worldwide in the Oil and Gas domain.
In 2017 FutureOn launched a collaboration with Visual Craft as a dedicated team provider. It started with quality assurance. Later we had an opportunity to prove our expertise in web development, promotion, and support. And finally, our cooperation extended to FutureOn's main product, as we assisted in its development and integration.
We focused our efforts on taking over all the bulky resource-intensive tasks to let FutureOn's core team concentrate on the priorities.

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6-8 people
18 month
3 teams


In 2016 Les Echos acquired JAL - a big online platform for publishing legal ads. Even though the idea of the service was already successful -  it was necessary to rebuild the system from scratch using modern technologies, new scalable architecture, and user-friendly design. A separate challenge was in integration with the customer's ERP system.
An important decision was made to set up a small stakeholder team on the client's side and outsource the entire development to two teams, the back-office and ERP-related functionality to a local team, and frontend and all client facing functionality to our team. This ensured fast delivery, a high level of expertise of each dedicated team, and great value.

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