Find a Co-Founder for Your Startup: Expert Tips on How to Search and What to Ask


The co-founder of a startup is not the one who only will share your profits in half. This is also the one who will share your responsibilities, apply the expertise where necessary, and help to cope with the difficulties that will be encountered on the way to the completion of the project. Below we will reveal in more detail how to find a co-founder for a startup.

Having a Co-Fouder for a Startup: Why Is It So Important?

Let’s start with the fact that startup owners often try to find a cofounder (partner) to enrich the project with their technical expertise, which their current team members do not have. Moreover, this approach is often practiced by many digital giants to ensure that they follow the previous course of business development and delegate some of the new non-standard tasks to specialists who are ready to start solving them right away.


For example, such world-famous projects as Skype and Slack, being startups, probably would not have achieved such stunning success if they did not transfer some development tasks to third-party companies.

Thus, answering the question: “What is a co-founder?”, we can conclude that this is the one who helps the start-up business to take a stable position in the market. Would you like to get more reasons to find a co-founder? We have collected them below.


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You need to start the project as soon as possible

Even if your business idea is innovative, it does not mean that one of your future competitors has not the same idea, and right now they are not making every effort to bring the project to the market as soon as possible. This is why speed in launching startups is critical. In addition, the longer you delay the launch date, the fewer confidence investors will have in your business idea and the less chance that your project will be successful. In turn, a reliable technology partner will integrate specialists into your team who will lead you to a product release date as quickly as possible.

You need to scale your in-house team

As you work on your startup, you may find that your in-house human resources may not be enough. In turn, hiring full-time employees can take a long time, which, as we noted above, is unacceptable for startups. As for digital partners, they scale your team on demand. As a rule, it takes no more than 2-3 weeks.

You are worried about your budget

Due to the limited budget, every attempt you make on the path to launching a startup, whether it's adding a new feature or testing a UI design, must be weighed. Otherwise, the originally planned budget may increase significantly. In turn, an experienced technology partner will help you act as deliberately as possible. In addition, you will have the opportunity to find co-founders among those who have more affordable rates compared to their counterparts from your location.

Your team members do not have technical knowledge

Finally, you can be an excellent business person and understand how and to whom to promote your product, but at the same time, none of your team members may have the technical knowledge to effectively implement it. In this case, a decision to find a cofounder will be your only option for the successful implementation of your digital solution.

Top-6 Best Places to Look for a Co-Founder

Now let's find out where and how to find a co-founder for your startup and not lose.

Personal contacts 

The first place you can start your procedure to find a founder is an analysis of your personal contacts. Perhaps one of your friends is ready to support your business idea and apply its resources for its successful implementation. It can also be your ex-colleagues, former classmates, and other people whom you know personally.

Social networks

One of the richest places to find the answer to the question of how to find co founder can be social networks. It is usually easier to search for suitable candidates on professional social networks such as LinkedIn, but sometimes the research of their informal social networks allows you to clearly understand whether it is worth working with them or not.

Startup accelerators

Startup accelerators are a great opportunity to find a really reliable co-founder. However, such resources are usually created primarily for finding investors. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that your future partner will most likely want to have a strong influence not only on the workflow but also on the very concept of your product.


Web communities

You can also search for your future co-founder among your like-minded people who live in the same thematic web communities as you. However, most likely it will be difficult for you to weed out among dozens or even hundreds of useless contacts the one that really suits you.

Relevant offline events

You can also become a frequent guest of thematic offline forums to try to find your future partner there. This is a good experience when it comes to truly professional events, and not goofy "vanity fairs".


Finally, you can try your luck with Google search for companies that provide co-founding services. In this case, the entire track record of projects implemented by your potential co-founder will be presented on their website. Also here you will find the terms of cooperation.

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Final Thoughts

We hope that thanks to our article, now you know how to find co-founders for a startup. If you do not want to waste time on these searches, just choose our company. Over 15 years, we have successfully launched over a hundred projects and spent over 240 hours mentoring startups. For the last four years, we have also been a Founder Institute Partner, the world's largest pre-seed accelerator. If you would like to discuss the details of your business idea with our experts, please contact us right now.


Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry or startups in general to connect with people who might be interested in working on a project together. You can also join groups related to that particular area of expertise.

Although startup founders are not entitled to salaries, whoever is on your startup's payroll should be paid. So if a founder or cofounder works as their startup's CEO, COO, CTO, CMO or in any other role, they deserve remuneration for their services.

As a founder of a new business, you must have ambition and be willing to "walk through walls"-to take bold steps in the face of obstacles. A commitment to integrity means always doing what is right for your company and having the courage to do what is right even when it is not popular or easy.

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