Important Factors to Consider When Choosing an Outsourcing Software Development Company


When your company does not have internal human resources to implement the new digital solution, or your IT department is focused on other business tasks and cannot take on a new one, outsourcing comes to the rescue. At the same time, this model of interaction with developers does not always bring positive results. Below, we will talk about how not to make a mistake when choosing an outsourced developer.

Why Outsource?

We can talk endlessly about the benefits of the developer's outsourcing model of cooperation. This is both an opportunity to save money (in the case of hiring a company whose office is located in a country with more affordable market rates for software development services), the absence of the need to independently hire people and equip their job places, the ability to avoid the red tape associated with official employment, etc. In addition, thanks to outsourcing, you will get the expertise that your internal team may lack or the ability to delegate tasks that they do not have time to cope with. 

Do not forget about the quick start to work on the project – usually, after the selection of specialists with the expertise you need (most often, this takes no more than three weeks) and the signing of the NDA (this may require additional 1-2 days), the team can begin to perform their work duties.

At the same time, all these advantages are available only if you are responsible for choosing a software outsourcing company. Let’s discuss what we mean in the next paragraph.

8 Factors to Consider

So, what aspects are important to take into account when choosing an outsourced development company? Let's find out right now.


The first thing you should start with is the skills of your future developer outsourcing contractors necessary to bring your business idea to life. Of course, if you have no previous experience in digital development, it may be challenging to decide on the exact technology stack, but do not worry: the company of your choice will do it for you. The main thing is to indicate in your request what business niche you are interested in and identify the key technologies (if any) needed for the implementation of your project.


Next, you have to carefully analyze the portfolio of the company you are considering for the role of your future contractor and determine if it contains projects similar to yours. Usually, it is enough to open the appropriate section on the company's website. However, some companies may not be able to fill it in time, so if you doubt that a particular company will be able to fulfill your requirements, send them a request.

Size of the talent pool

Usually, when it comes to small projects, this item can be skipped – most likely, the software development outsourcing company you have chosen will be able to assemble a team of specialists to complete your project on time. However, for large and long-term projects that may require the expansion of the team and the involvement of highly specialized experts, you will need to clarify this aspect with your future contractor.


Another important aspect that you will need to clarify is the pricing of your future digital partner. It may depend not only on the prestige of the company and its area of specialization but also on the location. The fact is that some countries have lower average market rates for software development services, so much cooperation can help you significantly reduce the project budget without reducing its quality of implementation.

Models of cooperation

Some companies specialize in only one format for providing outsourcing services – for example, dedicated teams. Therefore, before concluding a contract with a specific contractor, make sure that this company supports the format of cooperation you need.

Language and communication

Some business owners find it difficult to tune in to productive collaboration with teams that communicate in a language other than their own. The same applies to the methods and approaches to communication – they can either contribute to the effective work on the project or, vice versa, prevent it. That's why it's so important to get these details right before your contractor gets to work on your business idea.

Time zone

If you can only call your contractor at night, such cooperation is unlikely to be pleasant. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to choose an outsourcing software company whose office is located in a country with a convenient time zone, use it.

Availability of tech support

Some companies are focused only on short-term cooperation and do not provide further technical support for the solutions they have already launched. Therefore, if you understand that your project will have to be optimized and changed over time, you will have to consider other options for contractors.

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Where to Look for a Company?

When it comes to finding a dev outsourcing company, you have several options. The first option is to use Google, specifying in your request as many search criteria as possible, including the business niche for which you are going to create your new digital product.

The second option is to choose a company that created a solution similar to yours, and you really like it. This is especially true for mobile applications available at public marketplaces – here, you can easily find out who worked on a particular product and analyze how satisfied end users were with it.

Another way to find a software outsourcing company is to get its contacts from your friends: perhaps one of them has in mind a reliable digital agency that would offer you favorable conditions for cooperation.

And, of course, you can always write to us if the above approaches do not work or if you do not want to waste your time implementing them.


Now you know how to choose an outsourcing company that will bring you the most positive result of cooperation. In particular, you can contact us to avoid wasting time searching and, at the same time, get a reliable digital partner. Our development outsourcing company has already successfully implemented more than a hundred projects, so we are sure that we will bring the most benefit to your business.


Outsourcing software development can offer several benefits, including cost savings, access to specialized expertise, quick start to work on the project, avoidance of the red tape associated with official employment, and the ability to delegate tasks that your internal team may not have time to cope with. By outsourcing, you can also avoid the need to independently hire people and equip their job places.

When choosing an outsourced development company, several factors should be considered, including the expertise of the contractor, the portfolio of the company, the size of the talent pool, pricing, models of cooperation, language and communication, time zone, and availability of tech support.

One can find a reliable outsourcing software company by using Google and specifying search criteria, choosing a company that created a solution similar to theirs, getting the contacts from friends who have worked with reliable digital agencies, or contacting a reputable outsourcing company that has already successfully implemented several projects.

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