Why Outsourcing Your Development Team Can Boost Your Business Growth


More and more companies from different business areas become interested in transferring some of their work processes to the digital plane. At the same time, it is obvious that not each of them has an in-house development team. Thus, to not waste months expanding the internal team with new specialists, many resorts to outsourcing. You can learn more about the benefits of this type of cooperation below.

Why Outsource?

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, outsourcing has ceased to be something unusual. Rather, this collaborative model has become the only viable one for sustaining the growth and competitiveness of businesses that face constraints. Along with this, there are companies that are still wary of certain reasons to cooperate with developers remotely. And in vain.

Below, we have compiled five top reasons that will prove to you that outsourcing will invariably lead your business to growth and success.

You can launch your project faster

The first and perhaps the main advantage of outsourcing is the ability to start working on the project immediately, as soon as you sign an NDA with your contractor. The fact is that when a company decides to expand its in-house team with new specialists (in particular, software developers), it takes a lot of "useful" time, during which work on the project could already be carried out. 

Just imagine: you will need to open new jobs, review a bunch of resumes, select the best candidates, conduct live interviews, perform onboarding, and much more, which will significantly delay the launch date of your software solution. Moreover, after hiring and team building, some of your staff members who play a key role in the implementation of your project may become sick for a long time, and it will also take you some time to delegate their duties. 

As for the developers outsourcing a dedicated team, in the most difficult cases, it takes a couple of weeks to staff it. If you add to this the few days it takes to draft and sign the NDA, you get no more than twenty days to prepare. If your team members are ill, your contractor company will replace the vacant workplace with new employees within a couple of days. The same goes for their vacations and other events that may negatively affect the launch date of your project. Therefore, work on your project will be in full swing during the whole time of your cooperation!

You can reduce your project’s budget

In some countries, hiring a full-time software developer means an additional cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, not counting taxes and other hidden costs. In turn, financing the work of an entire development team can cost the company several million US dollars per year!

If we are talking about cooperation with a dedicated development team, many companies that provide services of this type are located in countries with lower average market rates for IT sector specialists. Thus, by offering a competitive salary to their talents, they can provide less expensive services for the implementation of digital products without compromising their quality. Yes, that's how it works!

You get experts with the needed expertise

Note that some locations are characterized by a lack of specialists from certain areas. For example, about five years ago, similar problems overtook companies that wanted to launch projects based on the blockchain – hiring a local specialist in those days could simply be impossible due to their absence.

In turn, when you choose to collaborate with an outsourcing software development company, you do not limit yourself to a local pool of talent. You can cooperate with developers from Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, in general, wherever you want, and where there will be specialists with the skills you need. Moreover, they may have more moderate rates than specialists from your location, simply because the labor market in their country has different rules.

Your team will be aimed at your success

If we are talking about a dedicated software development team, this type of cooperation implies the full immersion of its members in your business processes and, in general, the idea of your project. In fact, you get specialists who could work with you in the same office and be inspired by your business vision, but in fact, they interact with you remotely.

Along with this, you will be able to call them regularly to track the progress of the project and monitor their performance indicators using specialized software solutions. In general, if you manage to find a reliable outsourcing provider, you are guaranteed not to feel any difference between collaborating with a dedicated team and a team that works with you in the same office.

They will support your project to extend its life cycle

Many businesses are afraid of cooperation with outsourcing companies, believing that such a partnership will be "one-time": a dedicated developer team will launch a project and after that, it will be impossible for the product owner to get their attention.

Of course, there is a small percentage of such unscrupulous contractors with whom it can be difficult to plan fixing technical problems that have arisen, making changes to the project, or scaling it up. However, most outsourcing companies are always looking to build long-term relationships with their clients to maximize the lifecycle of the solutions they create. Thus, you can not worry about it – if at some point you need to make changes to an already running software solution, you can contact your digital partner again without any fear and agree on the implementation of upcoming updates.

Don’t know where to start?

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Where Can You Find a Reliable Team?

The most trivial way to find a contractor company is to use Google. In particular, you can enter a query for a company with the expertise you need into the search bar, and voila – you will see dozens of websites of companies that will be relevant to your query. On the other hand, it will be quite difficult to choose the best among them, since high positions in the search results do not guarantee the proper expertise of your future contractor.

Thus, if you are worried that your future contractors may not be up to the task, you will need to be especially responsible for their search. Indeed, some projects require special expertise from the dedicated team that will work on them, and finding such one can be quite a challenge.

Therefore, if someone you know collaborated with a company that has left them a positive experience, you should consider this company in the first place as your future software development partner. If you did not find such business contacts among your acquaintances, you can also easily find out the names of software development companies that have successfully implemented projects like yours on app stores. Here you can analyze the reviews of real users, and directly contact the developers.

However, this approach is not universal when it comes to startups and custom solutions that are “sharpened” for the business processes of a particular company. In this case, you can always contact our developer's outsourcing dedicated team. We have successfully launched over a hundred software solutions and dedicated over 240 hours of consulting to startups. Our expertise covers dozens of business industries and trending technologies, so we can definitely help you in the implementation and launch of your project.


If you need to launch your own digital product as soon as possible and your internal human resources are not enough for this, outsourcing will be a win-win option for you. Moreover, this way, you can save on equipping local job places and not bother with the bureaucracy and taxes that always accompany official employment. 

If you are just looking for a reliable outsourcing company, feel free to contact us. We will carefully analyze your requirements for a future project and select a seasoned dedicated software team with experience in your business niche. Thus, you will receive a competitive solution that will meet the highest standards of your industry.


Outsourcing is a collaboration model where a company hires a contractor company to complete a project or process. This model has become popular during the pandemic because it allows businesses to start working on a project immediately, reduce project costs, and work with experts with the needed expertise. Outsourcing also offers the benefit of a dedicated team that is focused on the success of the project and will continue to support it even after it launches.

Outsourcing allows companies to start working on a project immediately after signing an NDA with the contractor company. In contrast, expanding an in-house team takes a lot of time, including opening new jobs, reviewing resumes, selecting the best candidates, conducting live interviews, and onboarding, which can significantly delay the project launch. Moreover, if some team members become sick or go on vacation, their duties will need to be delegated, further slowing down the project's progress. With outsourcing, the contractor company can staff the dedicated team in a few weeks and replace any absent employees within a couple of days.

Hiring a full-time software developer in some countries can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, not including taxes and other hidden costs. Financing an entire in-house development team can cost several million US dollars per year. Outsourcing to companies located in countries with lower average market rates for IT specialists can provide less expensive services without compromising quality. By offering a competitive salary to their talents, outsourcing companies can provide services at a lower cost.

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