Alpe allows publishing your legal advertisement in any French department at the lowest cost.


In 2016 Les Echos acquired JAL - a big online platform for publishing legal ads. Even though the idea of the service was already successful - the codebase, technical solutions and overall look and feel required modernization. It was necessary to rebuild the system from scratch using modern technologies and solutions, new scalable architecture and user-friendly design that would convert much better. A separate challenge consisted in integration with the customer's ERP system and custom data synchronization functionality. We had to ensure that the data exchange is scalable, reliable and secure.

Our Solution

An online platform was developed for the two big segments of the target audience - B2B and B2C users. The system is based on a big customized open source CRM solution which asynchronously communicates with the frontend which consists of php and javascript frameworks combination). A separate module is responsible for generating the publication prices depending on multiple parameters. Visual Craft was responsible for developing the frontend part as well as technical support of the other system components.


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