Custom MLS System Creation with Enhanced Listings

The MyOwnMLS project revolutionizes real estate by empowering agencies and brokers to create personalized MLS systems, enhancing their listings with a user-friendly administrative interface and dynamic Google Maps integration.

Client's Objectives

The client's goal was to elevate their platform to become a leading real estate solution, emphasizing affordability, user-friendliness, and swift execution. Through the use of advanced technologies and strategic planning, the project sought to overcome various challenges including technical knowledge gaps and logistical hurdles, setting a new standard for real estate platforms.
The client aimed to enhance the user experience within the admin section of MyOwnMLS, incorporating additional Google Maps integration for Squarespace and Angular projects. They sought an optimal real estate solution that balanced quality, cost, and tight deadlines.


Modernizing the MyOwnMLS platform

The MyOwnMLS project faced several technological challenges, crucial for modernizing and enhancing the platform's efficiency and intuitiveness for real estate agents.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap: Enhancing Collaboration Through Shared Understanding

The client's journey into the agile development process and the finer points of software development initially presented a learning curve, which occasionally resulted in varied expectations. Navigating the challenge of the knowledge gap required proactive measures, which included cultivating a collaborative environment and meticulously aligning efforts with the overarching vision of the project.

Time Zone Differences

Coordination across different geographical locations posed scheduling and real-time communication challenges.


Technical solutions

The primary challenge revolved around integrating advanced mapping functionalities with Squarespace, upgrading the core technology stack to a more current version of Angular for improved performance, and implementing smart mapping features to dynamically display properties:
GMaps and Squarespace Integration: This feature streamlined the process of displaying properties on a map, making it easier for users to locate and visualize real estate listings.
Upgrade from Angular 7 to Angular 15: Upgrading to a newer version of Angular significantly improved the platform's performance and user experience by leveraging the latest advancements in web application development.
GMaps Areas and Objects Scope Limitations by Zoom Factor: This innovation allowed for dynamic adjustment of displayed properties based on the map's zoom level, enhancing the user's search experience by focusing on relevant listings.

Technical solutions
Technical solutions

Empowering Collaboration Through Expertise and Agile Methodologies

We introduced finely tuned Agile processes to enhance project management, ensuring a streamlined and responsive development journey. By simplifying complex technological concepts into easily understandable terms, complemented by visual aids and demos, we ensured clarity and facilitated informed decision-making. Additionally, we conducted educational sessions on the software development life cycle, with a focus on Agile methodologies, enriching the client’s understanding and fostering a shared vision for project success.

Empowering Collaboration Through Expertise and Agile Methodologies

Transparent and Iterative Estimation Process

Our approach to managing the project embraced its evolving nature, requiring us to refine our estimation processes continually. This dynamic strategy ensured that we remained aligned with the project's scope as it developed, seamlessly integrating new requirements. By engaging in open dialogue and education around the development process, we empowered the client with a clearer understanding of how technical timelines and deliverables intersect. This collaborative effort was crucial in harmonizing expectations, thereby streamlining project execution and fostering a productive partnership.

Flexible Scheduling and Communication

We used the strengths of both asynchronous communication tools, such as Slack and email, and live communication platforms like Google Meet to foster robust project collaboration. This blended approach allowed for flexible scheduling and efficient information exchange, accommodating the diverse schedules and locations of team members. Live sessions were reserved for planning scope, clarifying details, discussing overall strategies, and demonstrating work progress, while Slack and email facilitated ongoing updates, quick clarifications, and urgent communications. This strategy ensured that all team members remained aligned, informed, and engaged throughout the project's lifecycle, leading to timely progress and successful outcomes.

Flexible Scheduling and Communication
Project Timeline
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Features Development
Step 4
Testing and Deployment

Client's review


Melanie Masi

Technical Lead at MyOwnMLS

Thanks to Visual Craft's efforts, they've successfully delivered a functional map that has performed well in browsers and devices. The team has communicated well through email and Slack. They've been clever, talented, and organized throughout the workflow.



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