Real Estate Solution from Ground Up

In the vibrant ecosystem of real estate technology, the VestaPort project stands as a testament to Visual Craft's prowess in transforming simple ideas into full-fledged digital solutions. While compact in its design, VestaPort was ambitiously crafted with a pioneering vision: to revolutionize the real estate transaction landscape by significantly lowering the customary transaction commissions. Typically, the commission can go up to 6% in fees, but VestaPort aims to slash these costs, thereby enhancing affordability for all clients.

Client's Objectives

Implement a robust yet cost-effective chat system that supports dynamic interaction between brokers and buyers without straining the project’s budget. Deliver a scalable and efficient communication tool that maintains high functionality at a lower cost, ensuring sustainable operation as the platform grows.

VestaPort's objectives are strategically designed to address and revolutionize the core aspects of real estate interactions, focusing on creating a seamless, intuitive, and engaging platform for both sellers and buyers. The primary goal was to streamline complex processes, making them more accessible and manageable for users, thereby significantly improving the overall efficiency of real estate transactions.

In addition to simplifying these processes, VestaPort aims to elevate user engagement through an innovative, user-friendly interface that encourages more meaningful interactions between parties. 


From Ground Up: Crafting a Comprehensive Solution for the Fragmented Real Estate Sector

The real estate sector, with its legacy systems and fragmented processes, posed a unique set of challenges. Sellers needed a robust mechanism for showcasing their properties, generating leads, and managing listings with ease. Buyers, on the other hand, sought a streamlined, secure, and intuitive platform to find their dream properties. The challenge was to build a system from the ground up that not only meets these needs but also anticipates the evolving landscape of real estate interactions.

Budget-Conscious Chat Integration

Implementing an effective chat solution within the constraints of a limited budget posed a significant hurdle for the Vesta Port real estate platform. The challenge was to identify and integrate a cost-effective communication tool that would enable efficient interactions between brokers and buyers without incurring the high costs typically associated with advanced chat systems. This required exploring alternative solutions, negotiating with vendors, and possibly customizing a less expensive or open-source chat system to meet the platform's specific needs while maintaining a high level of user engagement and functionality.

Streamlining Property Listing and Dynamic Content for News Blog

To simplify the process of listing and managing properties for sellers in a real estate market that demands both flexibility and control. The challenge is to provide a user-friendly platform that empowers sellers with complete autonomy over their property listings, from creation to publication, enabling them to respond swiftly to market dynamics and personal scheduling needs. To create a dynamic and engaging content hub on the real estate platform that keeps users informed about the latest trends, market analytics, and updates in real estate. The challenge is to continually provide fresh, relevant, and valuable content that attracts and retains users, encouraging regular visits and sustained interaction with the platform.


The initial discovery phase

The journey of VestaPort began with an idea - a vision to create a platform that bridges the gap between real estate sellers and buyers with unparalleled efficiency. The initial discovery phase was critical. Visual Craft engaged in deep-dive sessions with stakeholders, conducting market research and user analysis to understand the nuanced needs of the real estate community:

  • This phase was not just about laying the groundwork. It was about envisioning a future where technology simplifies the complex dynamics of real estate transactions.
  • VestaPort is more than just a software project, it represents Visual Craft's philosophical approach to building digital solutions. Starting with just an idea, Visual Craft demonstrates the power of creativity, strategic planning, and technical expertise in bringing visions to life.
  • This project showcases how, through collaboration and innovation, even the smallest concept can transform into a tool that significantly enhances how real estate transactions are conducted, empowering sellers and delighting buyers.
The initial discovery phase

Strategic Development and Launch

Leveraging the insights gained from the discovery phase, Visual Craft embarked on creating VestaPort - a holistic real estate platform designed from the ground up. The solution featured:

  • A Dynamic Seller-Buyer Interaction System: At its core, VestaPort facilitates direct, efficient interactions between sellers and buyers, ensuring that listings are matched with the right prospects.
  • Lead Generation Engine: Integrating advanced analytics and SEO strategies, the platform serves as a powerful tool for sellers to generate and track leads, turning listings into successful transactions.
  • User-Centric Design and Functionality: With a keen focus on user experience, VestaPort was crafted to offer intuitive navigation, comprehensive property details, and secure communication channels.
Strategic Development and Launch

Rocketchat API integration

To address budget constraints, we integrated a free Rocketchat solution that was customized to meet our specific needs. This not only reduced costs but also provided the flexibility to tailor the chat system to our operational requirements.

Rocketchat API integration

Aligning Rocketchat UI/UX with Existing Platform Design

Integrating RocketChat into the Vesta Port real estate platform posed a significant challenge, particularly in adapting RocketChat's distinct UI/UX to match the website's existing look and feel. The goal was to ensure seamless communication between brokers and buyers directly on the platform, without disrupting the cohesive user experience. Achieving this required meticulous UI adjustments and deep integration efforts to blend RocketChat smoothly with Vesta Port's design, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction without compromising functionality.
We successfully tailored RocketChat's interface to align with the Vesta Port design by applying custom CSS and JavaScript overlays. This customization ensured that the chat feature maintained the platform's overall aesthetic, providing a seamless user experience.

Aligning Rocketchat UI/UX with Existing Platform Design

Key features development:

Seller Dashboard and Listing Management
We developed a robust seller dashboard that allows sellers to post property listings with desired prices and detailed descriptions. Sellers can choose to publish their listings immediately or save them in draft mode for later review and publication. This feature provides sellers with complete control over their property listings, enabling easy management and customization directly from their dashboard. It enhances the listing process, making it straightforward and adaptable to the seller’s needs.
Advanced Search Filters for Buyers
We implemented a comprehensive filtering system that allows buyers to search for properties using detailed criteria. This profound filter includes options such as location, price range, property type, and more. The advanced search functionality enables buyers to efficiently narrow down their search to find properties that match their specific requirements, greatly enhancing the user experience and satisfaction.
Dynamic Content and News Blog
We created a blog section on the main website to host news and updates related to real estate, providing users with fresh, relevant content that can be accessed directly from the main navigation. This feature keeps users informed about the latest trends and developments in real estate, increasing engagement and returning visits to the platform.
Project Timeline
Step 1
Project Initiation
Step 2
Project Discovery
Step 3
Development and Testing
Step 4
Project Release

Client's review


Richard Arias

CEO/Founder at VestaPort

Visual Craft has been a skilled and meticulous partner. Their excellent performance and engaging approach have showcased their communication, problem-solving skills, and creativity to exceed the needs and requirements of the internal team.



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