FutureOn emerges from Xvision - a part of EXP group with more than 15 years of being a state of the art provider of visual engineering for clients worldwide in the Oil and Gas subsea domain.


Due to limited resources, FutureOn was looking for a balance between focusing on the crucial product challenges and assuring high quality of the results at all the development stages. As the size and complexity of the project were increasing, the small QA team was at risk of getting overloaded with bulky resource-intensive tasks.

Our Solution

To test the concept, FutureOn decided to outsource some of the QA tasks to Visual Craft. As a result, the test coverage significantly increased, while the quality remained high. Eventually, all the demanding QA tasks were taken over by Visual Craft. To make this transition seamless, we rearranged the workflow of the QA team according to FuruteOn's methodology.


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