FutureOn emerges from Xvision - a part of EXP group with more than 15 years of being a state of the art provider of visual engineering for clients worldwide in the Oil and Gas subsea domain.

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FutureOn emerges from Xvision - a part of EXP group with more than 15 years of being a state of the art provider of visual engineering for clients worldwide in the Oil and Gas subsea domain.

FutureOn is based in Oslo, Norway, with an office in Houston, Texas. The company is expanding across the globe as it secures more customers. FutureOn makes visual software and digital solutions to this industry.

In 2017 FutureOn launched a collaboration with Visual Craft as a remote team provider. It started with quality assurance. Later we had an opportunity to prove our expertise in web development, promotion, and support. And finally, our cooperation extended to FutureOn's main product, as we assisted in its development and integration.

We focused our efforts on taking over all the bulky resource-intensive tasks to let the FutureOn's core team concentrate on the priorities.

Visual Craft and Futureon team

Quality Assurance


Due to limited resources, FutureOn was looking for a balance between focusing on the crucial product challenges and assuring high quality of the results at all the development stages. As the size and complexity of the project were increasing, the small QA team was at risk of getting overloaded with bulky resource-intensive tasks.


Our solution

To test the concept, FutureOn decided to outsource some of the QA tasks to Visual Craft. As a result, the test coverage significantly increased, while the quality remained high. Eventually, all the demanding QA tasks were taken over by Visual Craft. To make this transition seamless, we rearranged the workflow of the QA team according to FuruteOn's methodology.


  1. No more risk of being overloaded with extensive or resource-heavy QA tasks. They are overtaken by a remote team when needed.
  2. Seamless integrations and transitions in the QA work-flow: both teams are using the same methodology.
  3. Stable high quality QA without overpaying for local resources.
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Marketing Website


FutureOn required a professional and competitive web presence for the company, while their old website was representing only one of the products. Also, the administrators needed a simple, yet efficient, content management system to update a number of sections on a regular basis: a blog, news, and digital media press releases.



With its responsive design, the website automatically adjusts to look great on every screen, whether it's a computer, a tablet or a phone.



Another priority was to make the website as fast as possible. To reduce the loading time we've optimized both: the content and the structure of the pages. Then to maximize the loading speed we selected a fast and reliable hosting.



We wanted the visitors to genuinely enjoy interacting with the website. That's why the interface is simple and neat. Instead of inventing a complex bulky structure, we focused on cutting off everything that brought no value.



The designers and marketers focused a lot of effort on visitors' experience. They also made sure the call-to-actions are clear and well placed.


  1. Simple, fast and intuitive user experience on every device.

  2. FutureOn's side doesn't have to bother about the website maintenance as Visual Craft constantly supports, updates and keeps the website secure.

  3. Having been revised and restructured, the content became clearer. The message of the brand is appealing and unambiguous.

  4. The new content management system is exactly what the administrators expected it to be.

Futureon Case Study
FutureOn website
Building Software for Oil&Gas tech provider
Online Marketing for Oil&Gas Industry

Online Marketing


  • To maximize conversion opportunities by providing customer flow from the internet.
  • To get the first conversions as soon as possible.
  • To minimize the price per customer.
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Futureon Case Study


Having analyzed the market and client&aposs business needs, Visual Craft marketing team focused on two digital marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to bring the customers from Google search.
  • Google Ads (PPC), to target potential customers by contextual advertisements.


Search engine optimization was our long-term solution, which allowed us to minimize the price per lead.

Google Ads

Having analyzed the competition of the market, we predicted that this channel will have a lower ROI. So we had to be very accurate while targeting potential customers. Despite our concerns, this channel turned out to be effective. It has been bringing conversions from the very beginning of the marketing campaign.

Synergy Effect

Another reason we used both channels was the synergy effect they produced in marketing.

  • The increase of the website positions in Google-search due to the positive behavioral factors of the visitors.
  • Having obtained and analyzed the data from the Google Ads campaigns, we could better understand the behavior of potential customers. It also helped us to detect and fix the weak spots in the website structure. All these minor fixes combined together resulted in the additional 43% to the conversion rate.


  1. Top industry engagement and conversion rates.
  2. A stable flow of online leads.
  3. Systematic comprehensive data on all the online campaigns.
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Development and
Product Integration for Partners


Rapidly developing product FieldTwin® and a growing number of customers and partners meant additional challenges for the in-house development team. There was a need for FutureOn to deal with technical debt as well as to assist the customers with FieldTwin® API integrations. For Visual Craft it was the opportunity to become a part of the product development team and help do more for those who already use the product.


The engagement of Visual Craft developers started with a front end work. After a closer look at the project code, we have got familiar with its structure and the possibilities of the product API. We have completed several API integrations for potential clients. Our team was able to communicate with them directly which was convenient both for the clients and FutureOn. Now we are working with FutureOn as a remote development team of specialists who know all the ins and outs of the product. We utilize this knowledge to customize solutions for FutureOn's clients.


After Visual Craft became a remote development team for FutureOn we have completed several proofs of concept for the potential clients while the core development team was concentrated on key product challenges. Our cooperation with FutureOn resulted in a rational distribution of their resources between the product development, its improvement and support.
Futureon Case Study
FutureOn website
Wordpress website for oil and gas industry



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