Francophone Career and Recruitment Platform

OrburO is a job posting and job search platform focused on the francophone world. It was created to help people find interesting careers in more than 70 professions, and for companies to find remote employees from all over the French-speaking world

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Our solution

There were two driving forces that made this project happen. Our client had a team with extensive experience in the French-speaking market. We, at Visual Craft, offered a proficient team with broad experience and expertise in creating platforms of a similar level of complexity. 

To deal with a cultural and language challenge, we hired a team of independent experts with deep knowledge of the target market. This team followed us at every stage of the development process and helped our developers to adapt the platform for the market to the fullest extent. 

The services we offered included the following stages: 

  • Creating platform concepts, developing ideas, testing hypotheses
  • Gathering requirements for the project
  • Developing the first version of the platform and going into production
  • Collecting feedback and developing new features for the B2B part of the project
  • Redesigning and making adjustments based on the feedback
  • Post-release support, maintenance, and future improvements 

The project included several flows and multiple features, so we decided to make several releases:

In version 1.0 we:

  • Created an onboarding process and a directory of remote workers 
  • Implemented search and filtering functionality to make it easy to find the professionals that users want
  • Implemented trust-building features: ratings, independent tests, and results, scoring 

Once the functionality for remote employees was implemented, we began implementing the flow for B2B users.

In version 2.0 we:

  • Created a directory of employers and vacancies
  • Created employer-related functionality to manage the hiring processes
  • Integrated the payment provider with subscriptions and credits system

Essential features

Narrow search filters

Our team implemented numerous filters, so the users can formulate the queries as precisely as possible and find what they really need in the shortest amount of time.  

orburo 1.png

Users can customize the search menu by category, tag, form of payment, or country, and the predictive search will suggest the best way to enter a query. The powerful search settings help users easily find the jobs and employees they need. The search results are prioritized from the best to the worst match. 

Job creation and publishing

A convenient and user-friendly job creation interface helps users to post detailed descriptions to find suitable candidates.  

orburo 2.png

Credit system

Our team added a credit system for employers to view profiles of remote employees and get the contact information of the desired candidates. 

Orburo 3.png

Admin panel and CMS integration

An admin panel we delivered has a wide range of functionality for the client, including content and user data management, referral system, payments information, and other detailed statistics. There is also functionality for user feedback and automated email marketing. 

Orburo 4.png

Skills validation tests

The platform also includes a solution that helps to test the skills of employees and provide them with advice on how to set up a profile properly.

Orburo 5.png

Ecosystem of products

The platform became an ecosystem with multiple products that work in cohesion to create a one-stop shop for anyone looking to fill a position or staff a project. Here are the products included in OrburO at the moment:

  • OrburO Connect - a platform for hiring ready-made call centers for businesses
  • OrburO Tech - a platform for recruiting dedicated teams
  • Orburo Incentive - a recruiting agency
  • OrburO Sourcing - a platform for employers for publishing vacancies 
  • OrburO A mon compte - a platform for remote workers and freelancers
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