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PitCrew is a software that aims to generate new leads for Insurance Companies due to the automation during the signing contract for a car test drive.

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The collaboration between Droplets and Visual Craft began at the Founder Institute, the largest pre-seed accelerator for startups. The client approached us to implement their idea of an application that would help improve communication and processes between customers, car dealers, and insurance agents.   

PitCrew is an application aimed to automate the automobiles pre-purchase process. The idea is that we simplify the potential customer onboarding for the car test drive and pair them with insurance providers allowing insurance companies to provide a unique onboarding experience for customers based on their profile and vehicle model selection. At the same time, the app streamlines all related car dealership sales and compliance processes.  


People Team: 4-7
Duration Duration: 2022 - ongoing
Country Country: USA




In order to develop this product, it was very important to analyze the real problems of the existing process our clients were trying to solve for their target market: car dealers and insurance agencies. In addition, it contained predictive analytics for the car dealership market.

  1. Detailed clickable prototype of the key features for Car Dealers and Insurance Agencies

    The clients’ main idea was to create one product that will meet the requirements of Car Dealers and Insurance Agencies. These two separate flows should be coordinated and interrelated.

  2. Create a user-friendly interface for multiple user roles

    The application covers completely different functionalities for more than 3 types of users. The interface for each type of user is supposed to display different functionalities but at the same time have a common style and be intuitive.

  3. Speed up user verification process for a test drive

    The key application functionality is to simplify and speed up the process of test drivers’ identification which requires a special ID scanner service that can be integrated with the application and meets all the technical requirements.

Our solution

Working extensively with the client, all the information which was received during the analysis gave us a possibility to create the solution prototype before the implementation of the real product. 

This allowed our clients to test their theories with a target market to gain validation before having to take on the expense of development of a full-scale product. This agile approach saved our clients' significant additional expense from having to later adapt the technology to the market with updates and changes once in a real-world environment.

  1. Home Junction

    Clickable prototype

    For prototype creation, we started the discovery phase of the project. During this phase, our team in close cooperation with stakeholders, processed and created the optimal user flow for all roles which will be used in the application. As an integral part of this process, we’ve created the wireframes, design, detailed technical requirements, and clickable prototype.

  2. Home Junction

    Lead generation system

    The platform has lead generation functionality that connects customers who are actively testing a car in real time with a licensed insurance agent and lenders. After the user approval, the app automatically connects the user (driver) and the selected car to insurance agents.  Upon request (with the click of a button), dealers & sales reps are now in a position to help their customers instantly get insurance and financing quotes, without having to do any additional actions that they would normally do. Once an insurance policy is processed, we then enable the insurance agency to provide the dealership with the appropriate insurance documentation through a secure portal, so the auto sale can be completed.

  3. Home Junction

    Speed up user verification process for a test drive

    We combined automation and quickness with simplicity and usability in UX/UI in order to meet all client's requirements and make the application usage comfortable and multifunctional.


Startups often have a limited amount of funds, so it's critical to perform good planning and prototyping before going into development.   The Visual Craft team conducted an in-depth discovery phase and developed a step-by-step development plan that will allow us to easily integrate new features, and scale and customize the product in the future. This will help us save time and money while still being able to provide our users with the best possible experience that was both functional and straightforward.   Developed MVP fully demonstrates the idea of the product to dealerships and insurance agencies and gives an understanding of how the product can improve daily work processes.   

MVP is a reliable solution for testing an idea in a real market and understanding real customer pains without spending a lot of money on development.

Visual Craft having great product expertise helped the client keep the focus on the core features, but also laid the foundation for future scaling. Our agile approach helped adapt the application after the initial success in the North Carolina market to South Carolina despite the difference in required documents.

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