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A leading property management company, sought our expertise in maintaining and enhancing their online platform.

Client's Objectives

Elevate Product Market Presence Through Digital Enhancement: The client aims to bolster the project's position in the property rental market by upgrading its digital platform. This involves a strategic balance of enhancing the platform's existing infrastructure while integrating new, innovative features. The client's focus is on amplifying user experience and operational efficiency, ensuring that the platform remains robust and competitive.

Innovate with Advanced Search and Customization Tools: The client emphasizes the need for advanced search capabilities and bespoke customization features on the platform. This initiative is driven by the client's goal to cater to diverse user preferences more effectively, facilitating an effortless and tailored property search experience, and thereby setting service apart in the competitive market.

Strategic Collaboration for Optimal Results: A key objective for the client is to establish and maintain a synergistic partnership with the outsourced development team. The client envisions a collaborative approach that emphasizes clear communication, efficient project management, and ongoing knowledge exchange. This strategy is aimed at ensuring that the development of the additional features for the platform is in line with the client's vision and market demands.



Project maintenance

The primary challenge was to maintain the project's existing digital infrastructure while working on new features. The goal was to improve user experience and operational efficiency​.

Enhancing Real Estate Platform Usability and Engagement

A prominent online real estate platform has observed a gradual decline in user engagement and conversion rates over the past year. Despite having a comprehensive property database, users often find it challenging to locate properties that meet their specific needs and preferences.


Platform Enhancement

We focused on augmenting the website's functionality, introducing features that streamlined property management, tenant placement, and maintenance requests.


  • Increased Efficiency: The integration of technology and hands-on customer service led to a more efficient property management experience, enhancing both property monetization and utilization.
  • Expanded Reach: With the enhanced platform, the product processed over 231.6 million in rent, coordinated 20,771 repairs, and processed 29,823 applications, significantly increasing its market footprint​​.
  • Client Satisfaction: The structural improvements and flat-rate pricing strategy received positive feedback from users, highlighting service commitment to organization, professionalism, and efficiency.
Platform Enhancement

Revamped Property Listing UI

To solve this challenge the focus was on enhancing the property listing user interface (UI) and integrating an interactive map feature. These improvements aimed at making the platform more user-friendly, visually appealing, and efficient in property search and discovery:

  • Design Overhaul: The property listing UI was completely redesigned to be more modern, clean, and visually engaging. We introduced a layout that emphasizes high-quality property images and key information at a glance.
  • Responsive Design: The new UI was optimized for various devices, ensuring a seamless experience whether on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • User-Centric Navigation: Navigation was simplified and made more intuitive, allowing users to find desired information effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Listing Details: Property listings were enriched with more detailed information, including virtual tours and high-definition images, offering users a comprehensive view of properties.
Revamped Property Listing UI

Interactive Map Integration

Geographic Property Display: We introduced an interactive map feature that allows users to visually browse properties on a map, providing a geographical context to their search.
Dynamic Interaction: As users interact with the map, the property listings update in real-time, enhancing the search experience and engagement.
Increased Engagement: The revamped UI and interactive map led to a significant increase in user engagement. Average session duration increased by 40%, and page views per session rose by 30%.
Improved User Satisfaction: User feedback indicated a 50% improvement in satisfaction with the platform. The ease of finding relevant properties and the engaging visual experience were particularly praised.

Interactive Map Integration
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