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The RealEstateTours is a real estate website & a social network combined in a single application that creates a business hub for those who sell, who buy the property and those who provide all kind of house-related services.

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A client in the real estate industry approached us with the concept of creating a one-of-a-kind platform that would allow any real estate agent to capture new leads through tools that help one create great content to promote listings and share those with popular social networks. One place where users can find the most useful content, connect with an agent, buy a property and even find the best home service companies within their area.

This project was intended for the client not only as a solution to current challenges, but also as a way to go into real estate product business thus creating a new source of income.

Despite having many years of experience in the industry and a promising concept, the client was unable to find the right team of developers with sufficient knowledge of the real estate industry and great product design experience to build out this app.

Broker and client The RealEstateTours Case Study House Social network for real estate

Our solution

One of the first challenges we faced was the lack of technical requirements or a clear vision due to limited client technical experience. Most of the team members already had a lot of experience with real estate web applications, and they quickly assisted the client in developing a unified and clear vision for the project.

We've offered a sophisticated IDX solution we've developed before, licensed it from our other client, deeply customized it, and combined it with a popular development framework to create unique functionality specific to the business requirements of this project resulting in a flexible, but cost-efficient solution.

The key feature to this product is to be able to easily create a post or an article for any selected property or create a tour of properties united by one theme, allowing the agents to publish the posts to the platform, or share with popular social networks and collect leads from clients engaging with the content. Finally, we've added chatting, comment, and user interaction with the posts.

  1. internet data exchange (IDX) solution

    IDX integration

    With our powerful internet data exchange (IDX) solution, we allow users to view listings on a map of the area. Users can filter on a plethora of criteria including but not limited to prices, size, rooms, etc.

  2. Point of interest IDX

    Property details

    Show properties on the map and information about: features, area info, schools. App has calculators: mortgage, loan affordability, loan comparison, refinance.

  3. The RealEstateTours

    Different data layers

    Area information, demographics,
    school information, boundaries,
    and places of interest.

  4. Map idx

    Add to favorites

    Save your listings, searches, and tour invitations.

  5. The RealEstateTours

    Create a Tour

    Create an article for one or several properties: add image or video, title, area description, categories, tags, and text.

  6. The RealEstateTours Case Study

    Share articles to social networks

    Share to all popular social networks with the click of a button.

  7. The RealEstateTours

    Dedicated agent area

    A place for any real estate agent to set up their profile, upload license, markets, and company info. They can set up the public facing area to display their posts, articles, listings and collect leads from visitors filling in any forms.


We collaborated with the client to create a platform that enables real estate agents and their customers to be on the same application to communicate effectively.

We delivered an easy-to-use platform, which is not only a great tool offering advantages for real estate agents, but also a source of new revenue for the client.

The platform solves a variety of problems: it enables home buyers, renters, and related service providers to negotiate, post listings, communicate, exchange experiences, and share best practices.

With deep experience in product design, the team transformed the client's idea into a successful product.


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