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The RealEstateTours is a real estate website & a social network combined in a single application that creates a business hub for those who sell, who buy the property and those who provide all kind of house-related services.

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A client in the real estate industry approached us with the concept of creating a one-of-a-kind platform that would allow any real estate agent to capture new leads through tools that help one create great content to promote listings and share those with popular social networks. One place where users can find the most useful content, connect with an agent, buy a property and even find the best home service companies within their area.

This project was intended for the client not only as a solution to current challenges, but also as a way to go into real estate product business thus creating a new source of income.

Despite having many years of experience in the industry and a promising concept, the client was unable to find the right team of developers with sufficient knowledge of the real estate industry and great product design experience to build out this app.

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The RealEstateTours Case Study
Social network for real estate

Innovative solutions

We always strive to stay abreast of the latest trends and developments in software development. With the advent of OpenAI technologies, we rapidly adapted to the evolving AI sector and integrated these cutting-edge technologies into real estate projects. This initiative not only demonstrates our agility and innovative approach but also provides significant benefits by enhancing the RealEstateTour project’s capabilities in line with the most advanced trends in artificial intelligence and technology.

After implementing Artificial Intelligence, particularly OpenAI's GPT model, in the RealEstateTours project, we succeeded in streamlining the process of writing Posts, providing more attractive and detailed content for the users of the platform.

There are several aspects that were changed and improved due to the in-time and efficient use of AI integration in the process of content creation:


Automated Content Generation:

With the help of AI users now can automatically generate comprehensive and appealing post titles, descriptions, and content based on input data like location, size, amenities, and other key features, that can be automatically extracted from lists or manually corrected. This reduces the time and effort required by users to craft post content.


Error Reduction:

The integrated AI generator ensures the minimizing of grammatical or factual errors, enhancing the professionalism and credibility of the post.


Multilingual Support:

For platforms catering to a global audience, AI can generate post content in multiple languages, expanding the reach of listings to non-English speaking users.


SEO Optimization:

The AI incorporates SEO best practices into the content, using relevant keywords to improve the visibility of listings in search engine results.

By leveraging AI for content creation, the RealEstateTours platform can ensure high-quality, consistent, and efficient production of post content, significantly enhancing the user experience and engagement.

Open AI Integration


Select area/district or building on the map


Request for generation: topic, description, tags, content


Display generated data on TRET interface


Send geodata of the multipolygon to ChatGPT


ChatGPT data generation



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